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July 14, 2015

Today, the 4 Paws crew visited Corvallis Elementary School to teach the students about 4 Paws’ work.

IMG_28394 Paws’ Sweep.

IMG_28384 Paws’ Kylee.

IMG_28394 Paws’ Sweep.

IMG_28374 Paws’ Shelby

IMG_2841The 4 Paws crew at Corvallis Elementary School.

July 15, 2015

Paws to Read is a program that brings children, dogs and books together.  Kids learning to read by reading to our dogs!  Trained dogs are a great audience and will always be supportive to children.  It’s a fantastic way for kids to learn, and our trained dogs love the attention.  The dogs have been personally trained by Denise and Vicki, and the program is nationwide.

Here is a video further explaining Paws to Read:

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