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4 Paws Goose Control provides a wildlife management service which humanely disperses nuisance Canada geese and wild turkeys from your property. This is achieved by harassing the birds into leaving through repetitive canine patrols. This occurs because the birds recognize the dogs as natural predators, such as the coyote or fox.

This type of wildlife control, referred to as hazing, does not harm the birds, but does disturb them to the point they choose to graze, roost and nest elsewhere.

We use two breeds of dogs in our work.  One is the Border Collie, renown for its high drive, herding instinct and intelligence.  The other is the black Labrador retriever, the quintessential water dog.

In addition to their ability to chase geese from your property, our dogs are friendly and pose no concern to the well being of your employees and patrons.  Please note that our dogs are always accompanied by a handler and not simply dropped off to work on their own.  Handlers and dogs wear clearly identifiable blue service shirts and vests with our company name and logo embroidered on each.

Based in centrally located San Lorenzo, we service most of the San Francisco Bay Area, including Alameda and Contra Costa County in the East Bay; Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco County on the Peninsula; and southern Marin, Napa, Solano and Sonoma County in the North Bay.  We offer an initial no   cost site review in which we provide a geese or turkey clearing demonstration as well as evaluate your situation to recommend a hazing strategy.

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4 Paws Goose Control, Inc.
P.O. Box 363 San Lorenzo, CA

Office Phone:  (510) 278-4189
Email:  info@4pawsgoosecontrol.com

Denise Laberee
Owner/Dog Handler
Cell Phone: (510) 501-5782
Email: Denise@4pawsgoosecontrol.com

Vicki Stewart
Owner/Dog Handler
Cell Phone:  (510) 206-8365
Email: Vicki@4pawsgoosecontrol.com

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4Paws in the News Feb 13 2013

KPIX 5 story "Dublin Sends Out Dogs To Tackle Geese Problem" aired on Feb 13 2013 featuring Denise, Vicki and the rest of our staff.

To see the video visit CBS San Francisco local sites at sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com

Who can benefit from Goose Control?

Who can benefit from Goose Control? Any facility, public or private, wanting to keep their manicured lawns and pathways clean and fully usable will benefit from hiring 4 Paws Goose Control for insured wildlife control work.

The damage caused by Canada geese and wild turkeys create an on-going and expensive maintenance concern for property owners. These birds overgraze and trample lawns, leave unsightly and unhygienic droppings, and can be aggressive to your patrons if mistaken as threats to their nests and young. Turkeys, in particular, damage vehicles in parking lots by roosting on them and pecking at their shiny surfaces.

While such damage can be viewed as a consequence or byproduct of urbanization, it doesn’t lessen the impact on your facility or business. By virtue of California state and federal wildlife protection laws, property owners cannot take it upon themselves to physically remove or harm these birds. Please see our Regulations & Links page for additional information.

Enter 4 Paws Goose Control and our non-lethal/non-harmful methods of wildlife control, none of which require state or federal permits. In addition to our primary hazing with canine patrols, we may also employ additional harassment methods including night time lasers and remote controlled boats on larger bodies of water. We have found a combination of these three hazing technics to be highly effective in keeping away these pests.

Many facility managers, such as golf course superintendents, have tried other harassment techniques and found them to be largely ineffective. Some of those non-effective products include the scary eye mylar balloon, sound charges (a nuisance in their own right) and faux predator coyotes and alligators. Similarly, chemical treatment of lawns are expensive and provide limited long-term effectiveness. Applying natural predatory pressure through canine hazing remains the most effective strategy.

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Our Staff

Shelby - Border Collie

Sweep - Border Collie

Chantz - Black Lab

Abbie - Border Collie

Kylee - Border Collie