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4 Paws Goose Control

P.O. Box 486

San Lorenzo, CA 94580-0486

Web: 4pawsgoosecontrol.com

Office Phone: (510) 278-4189

Denise Laberee
Owner/Dog Handler
Cell Phone: (510) 501-5782
Email: Denise@4pawsgoosecontrol.com

Vicki Stewart
Owner/Dog Handler
Cell Phone:  (510) 206-8365
Email: Vicki@4pawsgoosecontrol.com

4 Paws Goose Control provides a wildlife management service which humanely disperses nuisance Canada geese and wild turkeys from your property.  This is achieved by harassing the birds into leaving through repetitive canine patrols.  This occurs because the birds recognize the dogs as natural predators, such as the coyote or fox.  This type of wildlife control, referred to as hazing, does not harm the birds, but does disturb them to the point they choose to graze, roost and nest elsewhere.  We use two breeds of dogs in our work.  One is the Border Collie, renown for its high drive, herding instinct and intelligence.  The other is the black Labrador retriever, the quintessential water dog.  In addition to their ability to chase geese from your property, our dogs are friendly and pose no concern to the well being of your employees and patrons.  Please note that our dogs are always accompanied by a handler and not simply dropped off to work on their own.  Handlers and dogs wear clearly identifiable blue service shirts and vests with our company name and logo embroidered on each.  Based in centrally located San Lorenzo, we service most of the San Francisco Bay Area, including Alameda and Contra Costa County in the East Bay; Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco County on the Peninsula; and southern Marin, Napa, Solano and Sonoma County in the North Bay.  We offer an initial no cost site review in which we provide a geese or turkey clearing demonstration as well as evaluate your situation to recommend a hazing strategy.



Our Human Staff

Denise Labaree and Vicki Stewart are the owners and handlers of 4 Paws Goose Control, Inc. Denise has been training dogs since the late 1960’s including raising 43 puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind and teaching, both public and private dog training classes in puppy companionship and beginning obedience. Denise has worked in the veterinary field as a Veterinary Technician. She also worked several years for a veterinary diagnostic laboratory. She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator.  She also does pet and house sitting, private and public dog training and is an active travel specialist.


Vicki Stewart’s animal background started when she was a child with the companionship of her family’s dogs.   Vicki and Denise met while working at the same veterinary diagnostic laboratory which also led to Vicki’s involvement with Guide Dogs for the Blind and her raising 10 puppies as a volunteer puppy raiser. After working at the diagnostic lab for 10 years, Vicki worked for 2 different veterinary distributors totaling more than 20 years.


Mike Ford is our ready sanitation engineer.


Denise and Vicki are also very active in their community by doing pet therapy and education at local Adult Day Care Facilities, Adult Residence Facilities and Schools.



Our Canine Staff

Shelby, Border Collie    Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.55.22 PM

Abbie, Border Collie      Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.56.22 PM


  Kylee, Border Collie      DSCN3669




 Sweep, Border Collie   20130625_142443_1-1




Streak (Q-Tip)  20141208_215010 (1)2014112495152615 (1)



Our Beloved Chantz, RIP 20130402_144247_1 


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